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Australian Medicines Terminology browser update

Healthbase Australia has updated the online Australian Medicines Terminology browser to include the 2.30 version of the AMT  released by NEHTA yesterday.  All deprecated versions are still available for browsing/searching.

Healthbase decided to skip the 2.29 release since NEHTA only released it mid-cycle with a trivial correction to the 2.28 release.

NEHTA has now provided a direct, release-independent-URL-based HTTPS download facility that can be invoked without having to manually log into their website and manually download a version specific file. This streamlines the download process. NEHTA suggests using the curl utility for this, and the process worked efficiently on Healthbase’s SuSE Linux server. Healthbase can now update its AMT databases with new releases with a simple fetch_AMT script, followed by a build_all script. Thanks NEHTA!



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