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Building on the RIGHT foundations

I have, on a number of occasions over the past decade,  tried to explain the importance of building software, systems, national infrastructure, etc. on the right foundations. Other people who do this in the e-health arena often talk purely about … Continue reading

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Bags of problems

It seems that there are very few people involved in health information standards that are able to discern the difference between a thing in the singular and things in the plural! Perhaps many people can discern the difference but just … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a PCEHR system

Well, two themes dominated the two day e-health summit in Melbourne this week:- Infectious enthusiasm vagueness of the PCEHR These two themes actually run hand in glove. Both the vagueness of the PCEHR model and the rampant optimism are in … Continue reading

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HealthConnect or Pink Bats Mark 2 ?

Amongst the frenetic activity arising from Health Minister Roxon’s promise to have a personally controlled health record (PCEHR) available to all Australians by July 2012, and her more recent announcement of a summit on the subject at the end of … Continue reading

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Another 10 years?

Just a whisker over 10 years ago, closely following the release of the National Electronic Health Records Task Force’s  landmark report, but before “e-health” or “electronic health records” became household words,  a National Health Online Summit was held in Adelaide. … Continue reading

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