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Australian Medicines Terminology browser update

Healthbase Australia has updated the online Australian Medicines Terminology browser to include the 2.35 version of the AMT released by NEHTA on friday. All deprecated versions are still available for browsing/searching. It would be useful to hear from any organisation … Continue reading

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NEHTA’s Blueprint !?

NEHTA has published a blueprint for its forthcoming program of work. I’m not sure why they have labelled this  a “blueprint”, rather than a plan. Possibly they have borrowed from Infoway, who have been publishing blueprints for many years, starting … Continue reading

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Welcome – first post

HealthBase Australia is about information and knowledge to help improve health and healthcare. It is primarily focused on the use of  health informatics and information standards. This blog provides a facility for the creator of HealthBase Australia, Eric Browne, to … Continue reading

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