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Australian Medicines Terminology – April 2011


Healthbase Australia has updated the online Australian Medicines Terminology browser to include the 2.22 version of the AMT released by NEHTA this morning.


Although no mention is made in the release notes that accompany NEHTA’s release, the following interesting statements appeared in the email notification of the release:-

“These references sets will support the implementation of the NCTIS’ Detailed Clinical Models (DCM). For further information on DCMs please refer to the NEHTA website (

Future development

AMT to SNOMED CT‑AU Substance mapping(s)

NCTIS’ Adverse Reaction Detailed Clinical Model (DCM) contains a data element capturing the agent or substance causing the adverse reaction, and will utilise SNOMED CT‑AU Substances, as well as AMT product concepts. Decision support systems can utilise substance attributes through relationships in SNOMED CT‑AU to identify potential allergies, drug-drug and drug-disease interactions. However, without a link between AMT product concepts and SNOMED CT‑AU substances, decision support systems will not be able to utilise the derived substance attributes.

Currently AMT and SNOMED CT‑AU are separate products, and consequently, the relationships between AMT products and SNOMED CT‑AU substances are not stated. Therefore, the NCTIS mapping between AMT substances and SNOMED CT‑AU substances will provide the required linkages.”


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