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Australian Medicines Terminology – March 2011 Release

Healthbase Australia has updated the onlineĀ Australian Medicines Terminology browser to include the 2.21 version of the AMT released by NEHTA a few days ago.

All deprecated versions are still available for browsing/searching.

The latest NEHTA release includes a useful Refset Library document that applies not only to the AMT but to SNOMED-AU refsets also. This Refset information is too important to be just contained in a document however, and should in my opinion, be easily accessible from the NEHTA web site. I also still find the distribution lacking in information about the differences that the AMT Release introduces each month.

Pity the download process still cannot be automated. Perhaps if this were the 1980s NEHTA could publish the updates (with sensible filenames!) via an FTP server. I guess we have a lot of catching up to do! Maybe we will just have to keep waiting another couple of years until a cumbersome Web service is established?

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  1. Michael Lawley says:

    Re the Refset Library document – I still can’t fathom why these things are published as PDF documents and not HTML that we might actually be able to link to?

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