PCEHR Wave 2 Projects

NSW Health
The project aimed to implement key building blocks for state-wide eHealth infrastructure that would allow NSW Health to connect to the PCEHR System when it became available.
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Budget: $14.8 million
Patient Cohort
  • Mothers and their children (aged under 16 years), aged Australians, people with chronic and complex diseases, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the culturally and linguistically diverse population in the Greater Western Sydney region
HealthCare Organisations
IT Organisations
e-health infrastructure components
  • NEHTA-compliant discharge summaries
  • statewide electronic health record respository
  • Enterprise Medical Imaging Repository
  • Healthcare Identifier service
  • Summary Health Profiles
Project Statistics
  • target enrolment: >100,000?
  • catchment size: 1,750,000
  • budget: $14.8M?
  • start date: ?
Outcomes and Reviews
  • no evaluation reports
  • WentWest has become LinkedEHR care planning
  • Blue mountains eBlueBook incorporated into HealtheLink?