PCEHR Wave 2 Projects

Fred IT Group Victoria
The project aimed to provide a repository of medication prescribing and dispensing history for access by individuals and healthcare providers. The project aimed to deploy MedView to all pharmacies and GPs in the Geelong region and to a further 10% of this target market nationally. The project brought together a grouping of private sector eHealth vendors including FRED, eRx, Best Practice, Zedmed, iCare, Microsoft and SIMPL.
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Budget: 7.9 million
Patient Cohort
  • patients prescribed medications primarily in Geelong, Victoria
HealthCare Organisations
IT Organisations
e-health infrastructure components
  • national eTP standards ??
  • national PCEHR standards ???
  • a PCEHR-conformant medications data repository ???
Project Statistics
  • target enrolment: ?
  • catchment size: ~2,000,000
  • budget: $7.9M
  • start date: ?
Outcomes and Reviews
  • No review documented
  • Medview became basis for the National Prescription and Dispensing Repository (NRPD)