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evolution, revolution and NEHTA

There is a wide spectrum of opinion in Australia regarding how e-health should be progressed. At one end of this spectrum we have the proponents of national-scale, top-down architected and developed infrastructure, such as exemplified by HealthConnect and by the … Continue reading

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Australian Medicines Terminology

Healthbase has provided an online AMT browser to help people explore the Australian Medicines Terminology, which is a key component of Australia’a national e-health infrastructure. NEHTA’s own distribution of the AMT is difficult to download and explore for casual users. … Continue reading

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NEHTA’s Blueprint !?

NEHTA has published a blueprint for its forthcoming program of work. I’m not sure why they have labelled this  a “blueprint”, rather than a plan. Possibly they have borrowed from Infoway, who have been publishing blueprints for many years, starting … Continue reading

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