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Conflicts in pathology

A common theme in e-health, particularly in Australia, is the often conflicting perspective of different participants in the healthcare landscape. I’d like to highlight a couple of these in the diagnostic testing arena. The first is a ‘business‘ issue – … Continue reading

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New SNOMED CT-AU online browser

An online browser of the healthcare terminology managed by NEHTA and proposed for future use in clinical information systems, clinical registries and research has been developed by Andrew Patterson and is available at: Federation Health . It currently includes browsing and … Continue reading

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The squandering of wisdom

I started out titling this post “the getting of wisdom”, but slowly came around to acknowledge that there has been some real wisdom generated in health informatics over the years – it just seems to mysteriously dissipate like dry ice … Continue reading

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A plea from one patient

I’ve just had a consultation for blocked ears, with a GP at a busy Adelaide clinic. People have told me I don’t listen, but this was definitely a hearing problem. GP took a swab, cleaned me out, gave me a computer-printed prescription … Continue reading

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Australian Medicines Terminology upgrade

Healthbase Australia has updated the online Australian Medicines Terminology browser to the 2.15 version released by NEHTA today. AMT Browser (Healthbase Australia).  All deprecated versions are still available for browsing/searching. Pity the download process cannot be automated. Perhaps if this … Continue reading

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Global Hl7 CDA Challenge

In my previous posting on this blog, I cited hospital discharge summaries as a potential barometer of broader e-health capability. I’m sure there are significant organisational and “change management” factors that have impeded the deployment  of information sharing typified by … Continue reading

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Discharge Summary inertia

The inertia embodied in the Australian health system is immense. Attempts to change it have mainly foundered over the years. Portents of failure are writ large, almost everywhere one turns. In this context, let’s look at a favourite topic of … Continue reading

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Indeed a puzzle…

Sorry to harp on about this, but I do believe this is an extremely serious issue. The US Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HiMMS) recently put out a call with Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) for an Interoperability Showcase … Continue reading

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Coded data ?

There has been a long held view, even mantra, amongst health informaticians that data should be “structured” and  “coded” if it is to be harnessed for clinical decision support, adverse event prevention, and for research purposes. One trouble is, the … Continue reading

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A few days ago I singled out Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), perhaps unfairly, in a posting about what seems to me to be widespread ignorance of  a profound issue in e-health – that of information usefulness ( or the … Continue reading

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